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Simple steps…but so much fun.

Worked on the application I am building for my day job a little more today. I am finding that I have a lot to learn about basics of python. Particularly working with parsing string data.  So far this project has been a lot of fun because I am learning a lot about strip, split and join string operations. It’s actually pretty mind blowing that I can take a word document and with a few lines of code build a data structure, in this case a dictionary which will likely end up a Json object.  I’m having a great time working with data in this manner and I’m actually considering going through a data science course to pick up some more concepts.

Also, just the prospect of saving myself time in my day job is giving me a lot more ambition.

I am also seeing that I’ve got to adopt more DRY principles in my code, but I’m currently just trying to hack this thing together. I feel like I can refactor the code once I have a working prototype.

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