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Building stuff…working with docx in Python…parsing data

I work professionally as a field case manager in the workers compensation realm. This isn’t a bad job, it’s a lot of travel and paperwork. I find myself constantly entering data into word documents and spreadsheets to track my billing etc. The company I work for is small and we don’t have a software package to make things any easier on us. I’ve been looking for something that will help me break into software development as my main source of income and as you’ve read, I am still learning a lot of the basics. I’ve got ideas on how to grow my knowledge and one of those is to build actual working projects. Projects need to solve a problem for someone, so why not start by solving my own problems?

My job involves receiving a ton of emails and the main source of information initially is sent to me in a word file. I’ve been playing around with writing a script that will take a docx file and parse it. These intial files are always the same as they are apparently based on a template that someone in our main office enters data into. The idea is to parse the data out into a database and start building a web application that I can use to track my activities and generate reports and billing documents from the app, rather than having to spend hours sifting through my emails and copying data. I can have my application send the emails and log the data in a report/billing document.

Seems easy enough, so…thats the plan. I’ve been using an app I found for Linux called Pencil to work up some wireframes of the screens so I can have a picture in my mind of what this will look like. More details to come…

Starting now with this library:

To get the data out of the initial documents…and will incorporate this into my actual flask application somehow.

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