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Checkio again…

Thank God for I had a bit of an issue this morning looking for a challenge and not having any projects in which I could embark, I decided to work on a puzzle. I started Brackets, and honestly it has been pretty challenging for me. I had it solved all but 1 test case… so I had to rethink my entire strategy…for some reason I am in some sort of funk right now trying to get my head on straight. I read something discouraging earlier about “older” folks trying to get starting in coding as a career. I guess I am not even really trying to start a “career”, I’d definitely like to supplement my income, and work on this stuff as a hobby. Problem is at some point you run out of projects to work on…so I have to keep things fresh. Checkio has been a great way to keep me thinking and challenged and also learning new concepts that I may not encounter with a web development project.

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