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Google Assistant blog post…

I’m on a mission to write a blog post every day about what I’m learning with python and web development in general. It’s been really hard to keep up with it that idea was to keep this going for at least 66 days so I can stay focused on my goal of learning as much about Python and flask web development as possible.


I truly have the desire to become someone who is recognizable in this field and not necessarily for a Fame purposes or reasons but mostly because I just want to be able to do this professionally. I just spent 12 hours in a car driving from my day job and a lot of days is good some days like today or not so good but I have to stay focused and I have to keep my mind on the prize.


I had a couple of ideas what I’m wanting to try to do with my flask at side is work on some tutorials and maybe even go through a freelance website and dig through some projects and see what people are requesting and looking for. So today I was on upwork and I found a project where a guys looking for someone to Cody flask microservices site that will take file and spit out Json objects. He was only paying like $35 for the project but it would be fun to try even though I’m not really capable or ready to bid on a project I’d like to try and test the waters and see what I can do so I think I’m going to pick that up and make a video about it and maybe even do multiple videos on projects freelance projects and and you trying to sift through those projects to find ideas for things that help you learn more about programming in general.


So to get started I think my first thing is going to be a flat file Blog then I’m going to add some functionality to that blog and just keep kind of working at it building things up and hopefully it’ll help other people and I can grow my knowledge around all these.

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