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More tutorials…

I challenged myself with a project and set a deadline to have it done by 9/6. It doesn’t look like a lot, but was a learning experience. Now it is time for my next project. I am floating a few ideas around in my head and feel like it may be a good idea to actual make some videos for the Flask Casts site walking through some ideas. I am also looking to complete some more Udemy tutorials, I have 3 that I would like to complete. One of which is dealing with building API’s with Flask, another on building a SaaS site with Flask and also covers some new material such as Docker which I am very interested in learning. I have some that are more on Python itself which I am finding that I have a basic understanding of, but need more intermediate and advanced experience.

Ill post some updates on the SaaS course, because I believe it will be the one that I begin with.

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