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Deployed…a few days earlier than planned.

Turns out deploying the site was much easier than I had expected. For hosting I chose Digital Ocean based on the multitude of recommendations online plus I was able to get a couple of months free by using a referral link.

So far it is great! They have a ton of useful and informative articles to walk you through most anything you are going to do. First, I signed up on the $5 plan and got a droplet set up with Ubuntu 16.04.3. I used a few different articles to get the site off the ground. Starting with this one to get the server set up:

Basically this one walks you through creating a non-root user with sudo privileges, setting up SSH keys etc… then I went on to actually deploy my app…using this article:

This one walks through the process of installing everything and creating a basic flask app, at this step I actually cloned my repository instead…and then modified the rest of the tutorial based on my specific application.

Also had to install MongoDB to get the app to work correctly:

I then add my Domain and set the nameservers with my registrar…added the @, WWW A records to point toward my domain…

Then I set up LetEncrypt for SSL,

All in all it only took about an hour…and it’s online. I did a basic video which I need to improve some of my setup but…my goal was to get this done by 9/6 and it looks like I made it with time to spare.

I am totally new to all of this so if anyone has any suggestions on how I can improve…I am all ears.

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